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PrintFriendly Features

Our online PDF converter works fantastically and can help you convert files to PDF from just about any file format.

Creating, Editing, and Printing PDFs

The PDF format is perhaps the most useful file type.  Whether you want to compress a PDF file, edit a PDF document, or print a web page for free, you're in the right place.

Our PDF converter will help you convert your PDF files automatically.  We can convert PDFs, image files, Excel documents, PNG files, PPT files, and a variety of other formats and file types.  You can upload from a Mac or a Windows computer, or your mobile device, and you can even upload your file from Google Drive.  All you need is an internet connection and you'll be able to work with your converted file in no time.

For many years, we helped you convert web pages into PDFs. Well, we've added tons of new functionality to help you create, edit, and print PDFs. To get started, just upload a PDF, Word document, PowerPoint Presentation, Excel file, or JPG image. From there, you can compress, merge, edit, split, convert, unlock, and do just about anything with your new file.

Learn how our PDF tools can help you start converting your files to PDFs and other file types.  No additional software is required.

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PrintFriendly Browser Extension

Our browser extension is free and makes it super easy for you to print a web page with or without images, and soon you'll be able to edit PDF files like a pro using our web-based PDF editor.

Get instant access to printing and converting web pages to PDF files without having to copy and paste URLs. You'll be able to seamlessly remove ads and navigation from web pages that are important to you.

Using our extension, you can edit the web page before you print it or convert it to a PDF. So not only are the ads and navigation already removed, but you also get to choose exactly what content you want to keep on the page.

Join the millions of users of our extensions and start easily printing web pages and converting them to PDFs.

WordPress Plugin For Publishers

Using our plugin, you can empower your users to print your website in a printer-friendly way, export it to a PDF, or share it with others via email. Our WordPress Plugin is easy to install with simple HTML code and we have a free version.

Whether you’re publishing a news service, running an online store, or just about anything else, our plugin can help your users convert your content into a PDF for easy reading, printing, and sharing with other users.

Our WordPress Plugin is user-friendly and requires minimal set up. You can easily download it and install it on your WordPress site. Plus, our plugin has a free version as well as a premium version, and you can choose which one is best for you based on how much customization you require.

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Easy Electronic Signatures

We make it easy to sign contracts online, create PDF forms, and upload and sign a PDF online.  Our online PDF converter allows you to easily convert your file to a signable document. Your converted file will look just like your original file.

Our secure platform provides an innovative way of creating and signing contracts or forms quickly, so you can move your business forward without any delays. Our system is cloud-based and you can sign documents on your computer, mobile device, or tablet. There's no software to download.

Plus, it's super easy to fill out your PDF online and request signatures from anyone.  Let our PDF converter do the heavy lifting and you'll get your deal done in no time.

About PrintFriendly and PDF

We've been optimizing webpages for printing and creating PDFs since 2009. We now make it easy for you to convert files to different formats, and seamlessly do file transfers to your colleagues, all using our free PDF converter.  When you want to print web pages, convert PDF files, or convert other files and images to the PDF format, our online PDF converter and browser extension allow you to:

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Remove unwanted content like ads and navigation.

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View the page or document in an editable preview, so you can see what you're printing or converting to a PDF before you do it.

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Output a PDF file with clickable links, so it works the way it works on the web.

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Explore our Browser Extensions

Download our browser extension to use our print and PDF converter wherever you are online.

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