Add PrintFriendly Button to Blogger or Blogspot Using the New User Interface

You can manually add the PrintFriendly button to your blog in four easy steps. If you prefer a simpler way, you can use blogger's built-in add widget tool.

Step 1: Get the PrintFriendly button code.

  • Go to our button page.
  • Select Blogger/Blogspot.
  • Select your button style.
  • Click add code directly to template.
  • Copy the code in the text box that appears.

Step 2: Edit your blog's HTML template.

  • Log into your blog dashboard.
  • Click Template on the left navigation menu.
  • Click Edit HMTL below your blog thumbnail.
    *Dynamic Views templates doesn't allow editing your HTML. You'll need to use the classic Blogger/Blogspot Templates.

  • Click Proceed on the warning message.

  • An Editor will appear. Make sure to click the checkmark next to Expand Widget Templates

Step 3: Paste PrintFriendly Button Code.

  • Find <data:post.body/> in the Editor window.
    * Tip: Press "Control" and "F" on keyboard to search.
  • Paste the PrintFriendly button code above <data:post.body/> to make the button appear above your posts. Paste the code below <data:post.body/> to place the button below your posts.
    * Careful: There's two versions of <data:post.body/>. Use the first (web) not the second (mobile).

Step 4: Preview and save your changes.

  • Click Preview.
  • Click Save template.