Edge Extension

for Printing and Converting Web Pages to PDFs

The easiest way to create printer-friendly and PDF versions of web pages. Easily remove ads and navigation before you print.

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Print Friendly & PDF Bookmarklet

Below is the PrintFriendly & PDF Bookmarklet (the blue button). Follow the instructions to add to your browser.

1. Display your Bookmarks/Favorites Bar: "Show Bookmarks Toolbar"

2. Drag the "Print Friendly" button above to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

Extension Instruction screenshot

3. When you want to print a webpage, click the "Print Friendly" button in your Bookmarks Toolbar.

Extension by PrintFriendly PDF

What is it?

PrintFriendly is an Edge extension that allows you to create printer-friendly web pages and PDFs. Soon, our extension will let you convert documents and images to PDFs, compress PDFs, sign PDFs, and edit PDFs online.

PrintFriendly is easy to use and has been trusted by millions of happy users since 2009. You can print web pages without ads, navigation, and other elements that you don’t want to print. And, there's no need to download bulky desktop applications to edit and manage your PDFs.

extension tools illustration
PDF Tools

All the PDF tools you need

PrintFriendly helps you compress, convert, and sign PDFs.  You can also merge, split, edit, and rotate PDFs.  And, a bunch of other stuff too!  We’re PDF experts and we make those complicated PDF tasks quite easy to do online, without downloading any software to your computer or phone.

extension printer illustration

Print web pages without ads and navigation

We make it easy to print web pages or convert them to PDFs.  No more ugly ads, navigation, and unnecessary content.  We let you choose what you’d like to print, so you can clean up web pages however you want.

letters on tooltips illustration
We're the experts

We got you covered

We’ve been helping people print and create PDFs since 2009 and our software continues to improve every day.  We’ve helped millions of people and we want to help billions more. We’re still making web pages printer friendly, and we’re adding more PDF-related features all the time.

Print and PDF Web Pages for Free!