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Why Choose PrintFriendly

Convert files and create printer-friendly web pages with our PDF tools and browser extensions.

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PrintFriendly and PDFs since 2009

We've been helping people create printer-friendly versions of web pages and convert them to PDF files for free for well over a decade. We're the best at not only removing ads from web pages, but also removing navigation and other elements, so you can print a clean web page.  Now, we help users upload all sorts of files and convert them to and from PDF online.

You can convert PDF documents to files like Word, Excel, and JPG, or convert any of those file types to PDF. We're here to make converting and editing content easy, whether it's an online Word document or converting a JPG to PDF, we've got you covered.

Modern Document Signing Process

Digital signatures are quite popular nowadays and the old handwritten signature is a thing of the past. You too can sign documents on your computer using PrintFriendly and there's no need to download expensive software like Adobe Acrobat.  Whether you're a Mac user using the Preview App or a Windows user on Adobe Acrobat, you can scan, upload, and sign your PDF document right here.  

All in all, PrintFriendly offers a comprehensive package of services that are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of professionals and other individuals across the globe, when it comes to safely sending out digital documents quickly and effectively, no matter where you are located.

With our free PDF signature tool, there's never any need for paper contracts or handwritten signatures. Plus, our documents are legally binding and compliant with global eSignature standards.

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Sign PDF

How to Sign a PDF File Online

To start the process of adding electronic signatures to your PDF file, start by uploading your PDF to our site.  You can do this by clicking Choose in the box above to upload your file, or simply use your mouse to drop PDF files into that box.

Once you upload your PDF file, Word file, or image, if your file is a form, you can now fill in any relevant form fields.  Then, when you're ready to sign, just select your signature type, and either use your mouse to draw your signature, or type your signature in the signature field.  Click apply to formally add your electronic signature to the document and add the date to make it official. If you're familiar with Adobe Acrobat, this way of adding an electronic signature will be familiar.

Adding a signature to a PDF is that easy.  Now that you have your signed PDF, you can save it, download it to your computer, and print a paper copy, if you'd like.

Why Sign PDFs Electronically

You can quickly and easily sign your PDF electronically using our digital signature services. Our e-signature tools bring you into the future, where signing and scanning documents is a thing of the past.  Now, even if you must scan a document, you can sign the page right here online.  Plus, using electronic signatures is secure and has an automatic audit trail, unlike when you sign a document offline.

Easy to Sign PDF Files

Easy to Sign PDF Files

Some tools that are supposed to make it easy for you to sign a PDF document, actually make it quite difficult.  At PrintFriendly, our goal was to make our e-signature tool super easy to use.  Not only does it make it easy for you to upload and sign PDF documents, but it also allows you to edit PDF and image files, fill in forms, add a signature date, and access and share your signed documents.  You can even create a new PDF file using our PDF Reader tool, edit and fill in the PDF as you please, and then draw or add a signature to the file.  You do not need bulky and expensive software like Adobe Acrobat.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

We know how important it is that your valuable documents stay safe throughout the digital signing process. When you upload files to us, your file transfers are encrypted using HTTPS, so your files are secure.  Within two hours, we delete any PDF document, image, or other file that you upload.  We do not save your documents for longer than it takes for you to access and share your signed files.

No Account Required

No Account Required

Signing a PDF file or image has never been easier than with our electronic signature tool.  We don't even require that you create an account to use the tools on our site.  Once you've added your digital signatures and you've downloaded your signed document, you're free to do what you'd like with it.

Sign Multiple Document Types

Sign Multiple Document Types

Giving you the ability to sign a PDF document is just the beginning.  You can add your signature to a variety of document types, like a Word file, an image, or even an Excel document, if you need a signature on it.  Plus, you can edit PDF files and sign them when you're done.  It's easy at PrintFriendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these commonly asked questions and answers about our service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Are my files secure? Do you keep or review any of my files?

Every file uploaded is safeguarded with the use of SSL encryption. We do not review or keep any data that has been processed beyond the time needed for you to download any converted files.