How to Fill Out PDF Forms

It's pretty tricky to edit PDF documents, and when you receive them, you are often short on time. You may opt for a tool like Adobe Acrobat, but its cost doesn't justify it! Instead, you should head straight to our website and use our PDF editor and sign tool to fill out PDF files. Fill out a PDF with our tool and see how we make this process so much easier. In fact, it only takes a few seconds.

Our website has a lot of tools for the PDF format. If you want to edit a PDF document, we're going to walk you through the tools you will need to easily fill and sign a PDF!

Steps to Edit Fillable Forms and Sign PDFs

#1 Head over to our home page or our PDF Tools page.

#2 Click on the PDF Editor to start filling the document.

#3 Fill out your form or document as you see fit.

#3 Now sign your document right in our PDF Editor, or feel free to use our Sign PDF tool from the beginning if you just need to sign a document.

An Overview of PrintFriendly

If you want to obtain a signed document, our website is the place to be. Add text boxes, convert images or Excel files, and more only on our website. Interactive form fields are slightly tricky to navigate, but our tools make it easier. Convert PDF into more interactive forms by adding check boxes and text fields. We can also add checkmarks and edit existing text. Our tool displays on-screen instructions to help navigate the different features. We also have a preview app to make sure the changes are right, before you print. Don't worry if you're on a MAC computer because all you need is a browser to get started!

The Bottom Line

When dealing with PDF form data, use our PDF form filler to access and fill in the form fields. Adding text has never been easier! Try out our sign tool to leave the final touches on your documents.