How to Convert Email to PDF

Sometimes you might have to convert your email messages from your inbox into PDF files to ensure easy accessibility. Your inbox can contain bank statements, invoices, and other important documents that must be converted into PDF format before you can share them. A useful PDF conversion solution can be a lifesaver for most users.

Our platform enables you to convert email messages to PDF files within a matter of minutes. You don't have to install any software on your device, as our service is compatible with all types of web browsers. Now you can easily transform your Microsoft Outlook or Mail app messages into your desired format, and that too for free!

How To Convert Email To PDF?

Visit our user interface.

Select the PDF converter tool.

Upload your email snapshots.

Use the 'Save as PDF' button to save your PDF file.

Why Should You Use Our Tools To Convert Emails Into PDF Files?

Converting emails into PDF documents isn't a complex process, provided that you choose the right service provider to complete this task. Our tools enable you to convert any email into a PDF document so that you can send messages to your intended audience without any delays. You just have to upload your email to our converter, and we will transform it quickly while including your desired customizations.

Convert To PDF Without Creating An Account

Our platform does not have any account creation requirements for you to access the tools. You just have to add your HTML email or any other format to our converter and select save to download your file as a PDF file.

Preserve Formatting

Whether you have an email in HTML format or an MSG file, our service converts it into a high-quality PDF document without any formatting issues. You can even check out our PDF add-in to save email messages into your preferred file format.

Flexible Customization Options

Although Microsoft Print enables you to use the save print output option to convert email to PDF format, it does not provide an extensive range of customization options as compared to our platform. You just have to upload your email messages in any format to our server, and you can customize them flexibly without any processing lags.

Moreover, you can convert multiple emails to customize them or even use EML files to transform them according to your specific preferences. Our tools enable you to add digital signatures, merge emails, or even explore countless other options under a single platform. You don't even have to go through any permission requirements or agree to lots of terms and conditions.


Can I Convert Outlook Emails Into PDF Files?

Our platform enables you to convert any email format into a PDF without any roadblocks. You just have to choose the email you want to save as PDF, as our tools can customize them without any hassle. You can also open it in Word to effortlessly edit text in any email message.

Is It Safe To Convert An Email Into A PDF File?

Our service uses the latest encryption technology to convert your emails securely over the internet. You can even convert messages from Mozilla Thunderbird just through your browser. If you have an HTML file that contains emails, you can add them to our converter to transform them instantly.

The Bottom Line

Our tools enable you to save emails as PDFs by following some quick steps, without any waiting time. You can conveniently use your default PDF viewer, such as Adobe PDF, for quick access to your important information. Our service does not require any sign-ups to save multiple emails as PDF files according to your requirements.

Additionally, you can even convert emails into other Microsoft Office file formats, without any quality compromises. You can also consider upgrading to our premium services to eliminate file size limitations and convert multiple documents with flawless results.