Fix Internet Explorer Problems

Having trouble using Print Friendly & PDF in Internet Explorer? This guide will solve your problems.

Step 1: Update Internet Explorer

This usually solves problems with IE. Download the latest version of Internet Explorer. After download is complete click "Run" to install.

Check to see if Print Friendly & PDF is working. If not, continue to disable add-ons.

Step 2: Disable Bad Add-Ons

Internet Explorer might have Add-Ons you didn't install, or even want. Many Add-Ons slow down or even break your browser experience. Commonly called "Junkware", companies install Add-ons for malicious, marketing, and occasionally helpful reasons.

Step 1: Left-click Internet Explorer Settings Menu, then Internet Options.

Step 2: Left-Click the tab Programs, then Manage add-ons.

Step 3: Left-Click the tab Programs, then Manage add-ons.

Left-click to select an add-on, then the button Disable. Remove any/all add-ons you are not actively using (Disable adware/spyware add-ons. They are not required for safe browsing and are most often the add-ons breaking the browsing experience).