How to Compress and Email Large PDF Files

How to Compress a PDF File

We help you compress your file into a lightweight version of itself with ease, making it much easier for receivers (who may have a smaller mailbox limit) to enjoy the content sent without any problem at all.

Now let's explore how you could use our online PDF software and take advantage of its benefits.

Step by Step Guide

Head to our home page or our PDF Tools page.

Select the Compress PDF Option

Once you click the "PDF Tools? option, you will see a drop down menu where lots of category options will be seen, including extracting images from a PDF document, removing password protection from PDF, etc. You have to select the "Compress PDF" option.

Upload or Drag and Drop the PDF File You Wish to Compress

Edit your PDF

It's worth mentioning that before compressing your PDF, you can also edit it using our PDF Editor.

Download Your File

Upon completion of compressing, simply click the "Download" button on the right side of the page. Your reduced and compressed PDF file will be downloaded within seconds.

There are numerous advantages to using our Compress PDF tool, including unlimited compressions, compressing multiple files, and no restrictions such as file size constraints.

Alongside all of this, we also use secure transmission, and there is also no registration required to try our features. We're much better than the bulky and expensive Adobe Acrobat.

Why It's Important to Compress PDF Files Before Sending in an Email

Compressing PDF files before sending emails is a great way to ensure that your compressed file remains intact throughout the attachment and sending process.

It's important to understand that different email providers have their own set of restrictions when it comes to attachment size, so it's always a good idea to compress PDFs before sending them via email, if you want everything to go smoothly. 

Just how much difference does file compression actually make? Well, let's say this: Gmail limits attachments at 25MB per email, while Hotmail/Outlook sets a max capacity at 10 MB. This alone shows that compressing PDF files might be something worth considering.

If you don't use file compression then your file may not get through delivery correctly due to surpassing the maximum size limit imposed by email services.

File compression also helps guard against potential virus attacks by keeping malicious code hidden and the information encrypted during transit. 

With our 'Compress PDF Online Tool,' you can easily compress a PDF to fit within a small size with minimal loss of resolution and quality, meaning you will have a smaller document size but still retain its quality like the original file.

Having the capability to keep your attachments below a certain limit also helps in preventing incompatibility caused by too much data, making sure both parties involved receive every single part required, promptly for a swift completion.   


In conclusion, PrintFriendly is an ideal platform if you're looking to quickly compress PDF documents with minimal time and effort.

With just a few clicks and being completely free of charge, there's no better way of ensuring yourself of getting compressed PDF files that are ready to be sent by mail.

So next time you want a smooth emailing experience without any difficulty whatsoever when sharing large PDFs across, use our user-friendly platform and say hello to convenience.