How to Convert Files to PDF Using Our Online PDF Converter

If you need to convert other file types into PDF files, the process isn't the easiest. Users typically resort to downloading expensive software like Adobe Acrobat, but there is a quicker way. Try out our website!

Our website isn't just a great online PDF converter, but has a lot to offer. When you're stuck and having a hard time trying to convert to PDF, you know where to be. So, start converting right away by simply heading to our website.

Steps to Convert PDF Files on PrintFriendly

Head over to our website or our PDF Tools page.

In this example, let's use our Excel to PDF converter.

Upload your files from your computer or mobile device.

Edit your PDF however you'd like.

When you're finished, download your document and share it.

An Overview of PrintFriendly

We are an online platform that houses a ton of tools to help you tweak your files. We go beyond converting files, we can edit, merge, and encrypt them too. The best part is that all our tools are completely free, and larger file sizes can be edited for as little as $4 for the entire month.

Why Convert Files with PrintFriendly?

Converting PDF documents is typically a struggle everyone has to face. If you have JPG images, the PDF format is much better for sharing a bunch of them in a single document. This isn't unique to JPG images, though. When compared to other formats, PDF files are just miles ahead in terms of accessibility, file transfers, and usability.

Easily Convert Files

We have the simplest tools to work on. Don't waste your time with sign-ups, registrations, and membership fees. Our online PDF converter works quicker and better than our competitors. Think about it, no other platform is this quick.

No Downloads

If your tool asks you to download its software, you should give it a hard pass. Free platforms will typically have a ton of bloatware and potential viruses. Don't risk your security like that. Ensure your data and device are kept safe by using a trusted platform like ours. Best of all, even our offline version will not store your data on our servers, so you're good to go.

Work on Any Web Browsers

Our tool works on any modern browser, allowing you to work on both Windows and Mac. You will just have to ensure your internet connection is running, and if it is spotty, try our offline application instead. Users love our website because the tools are just so simple to access, there aren't much better ways to handle your PDF file.

Other Tools on PrintFriendly

We don't just convert PDFs. Ask our users, and they will tell you a range of tools they have used or continue to use daily on our website. With so many positive reviews, we're confident you can set the bar pretty high. Oh, we also deal with almost every file type. So there is something for everyone.

Edit PDF

PDF files can be quite tricky to edit unless you have expensive software like Acrobat. The online PDF editor helps you add text and shapes and also lets you alter font size and type. It's super simple, just upload your files, and our page will automatically take you to the editor view. Make your changes in the editor and download your new file.

Optical Character Recognition

If you deal with scanned pages, you are probably aware you can't select the text on them. Now you may think about typing them out, but if you have a hundred pages, there's no way you'd want to do that to yourself. That is why you must try our OCR tool. Our editor identifies and extracts text from scanned PDF pages and leaves you with a converted file with selectable text. Somewhat similar to how you'd have it in a DOCX file.

Merge PDF

Suppose you head out on a vacation and want to share your favorite memories. Try doing it using the PDF format. You'll be able to tell a compelling story of your trip by creating a collage of moments you witnessed on your trip, so your viewers can see the same image that you're playing in your head. Upload multiple PDF files and merge them by trying out our "Merge PDF" tool.

The Bottom Line

If you're tired of using bloaty software to convert other file types like PPT into PDF, it's time to try ours. It doesn't matter what operating system or device you're on, our tool works the same for everyone. Just ask our users, as they rave about how simple editing is with us. So, try it out for yourself.