How to Read PDF Files on an iPad

Reading PDFs on your portable devices enables you to access useful content anywhere without needing access to a laptop or a desktop system. With the increasing use of digital documents, everyone wants instant accessibility to their files. An online PDF reader enables you to view PDFs on your devices with lots of other features to edit and customize content.

Our platform enables you to open PDFs on your iPads without using any third-party software. You can even use our PDF editor to design files and showcase your creativity digitally. Now you don't have to rely on expensive readers to access your PDF library, as our platform offers this free of cost.

How to Read a PDF on an iPad

Head over to our PDF Tools page.

Select our PDF Reader.

Upload your PDF file.

You can now easily read your PDF.

Why Should You Use Our Online Reader To Access Portable Document Format Files?

Reading PDFs using an iPad is the preference of the majority of users, enabling them to access content on the go. However, you might get stuck when choosing the right PDF viewer that can open your files instantly. Our online service enables you to read PDF files and experience remarkable display results on your screen, similar to the best apps available that you need to download.

So, sit back and use your PDFs productively while enjoying attractive benefits offered by our platform.

Read PDFs Conveniently

Our PDF viewer enables you to view PDFs online without using Apple books app. If you want to save your PDF on iCloud Drive, our tool will transform it to one with a reduced file size without compromising on quality, which saves the cost incurred in purchasing cloud storage services. You can store more data within your available storage using efficient file management services.

Customize PDF Files Easily

Our tools enable you to customize PDF files conveniently using your Apple devices. You can sign PDF pages using an Apple pencil, insert images, explore our cool highlighting text options, and even transform documents into other file formats to adjust them according to your specific preferences. You can even try out our annotation tools to annotate PDF documents and highlight essential information for accessing it easily in the future, which makes it a great option for students.

If you want to share a PDF file as an email attachment, our service enables you to compress it to an optimal size. You don't have to make in-app purchases, unlike other apps on your iPhone. Our online solution is compatible with all types of iOS devices so that you can access PDFs effortlessly.


How Is Our Platform Different From Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Our free PDF reader enables you to access PDF forms without incurring additional costs, unlike Adobe Reader, which requires a subscription. Reading PDF files is now easier than ever, as you just need internet connectivity to open PDFs using our reader.

You can even access our advanced features to customize and convert documents into other file types. We also enable you to create PDFs by extracting pages from multiple documents, so that all your essential information is available at the tap of a button.

Can I Read PDFs Online Securely?

Our service uses advanced encryption, ensuring a secure process of opening PDF files online. You can even add password protection to your PDFs for additional security reasons.

Final Thoughts

Putting it all together, we’ve compiled the simple steps you can follow to open PDF files on your iPads for free. You don’t have to share your email address to sign-up when using the free version of our platform, which enables you to access PDFs while saving time and money. Now you can maximize your productivity by opening PDFs on the go, using your iPad.