How to Reduce PDF Size on a Mac Without Losing Quality

There are times when our PDF files become too large to send. We're stuck when the files start taking up too much storage space, and then eventually our storage space runs out. Hence, it is vital to learn how to compress PDF files! Reducing PDF file size on MAC may be a bit of a hassle; but our guide covers the basics!

A compressed PDF file is obtained when a tool identifies repeating patterns in PDF file formats and removes them without losing quality. Free web tools are renowned for messing up the quality of documents, but don't worry! Our tool has you sorted, and that's why you should trust PrintFriendly to reduce the file size for any PDF!

Steps to Reduce a PDF's File Size

#1 Go to our homepage or our PDF Tools page.

#2 Click or tap our Compress PDF tool.

#3 Upload your file and we'll use high quality compression on it.

#4 Download your new PDF file without losing quality!

Other Tools on PrintFriendly

Our website isn't just good for compressing a PDF; it can do so much more. We often hear back from our users about our interactive UI. We've made it super simple to use and easy to navigate. Our new updates allow users to move documents from one tool to another, making it easier for them to edit PDF pages.

Convert Images to PDF

We have a tool that allows .JPG, .PNG, or other image files to be converted into a PDF in a few hassle-free steps. This makes it much easier for us to compile and share our files. Our tool lets you rearrange the images and put them in whichever order. This tool doesn't alter the image resolution, so the converted PDF comes out looking incredible! Forget about image quality problems and merge all the images you want.

Optical Character Recognition

Scanned PDF pages don't have selectable text, which can make it tricky if we want to use certain online tools. Worry not, our OCR tool can convert scanned texts into the right file format, helping them select and use the text in the documents.

Merge a PDF Document

Multiple PDF documents can easily be merged on our website! When our users want to combine their PDF pages into one document, we move them to our "Merge PDF" tool. A simple upload of the document they want to merge is all that is needed, and the tool will do the rest. Don't waste time looking for other platforms, we are just that good.

Benefits of Using Our Website

Our website makes it incredibly easy for you to compress PDFs and resize them into a much more shareable document. All you have to do is upload your document and select reduce file size. Our tool will recognize repetitive patterns and compress the PDF file, thus reducing the size of your PDF pages. You won't find a better tool to compress PDFs online.

With no sign-ups, registrations, or subscriptions, our online PDF compressor is designed to help you save time. We have free PDF compressors that let us compress PDF files without altering the font style, size, and quality.

The Bottom Line — Our tools are the best!

MAC users don't have a lot of options when it comes to editing tools. But with our website, PrintFriendly, things are about to change! When our tool does the job for free, there is no need to use Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Acrobat DC. We welcome you to try our tool; reduce the file size of any PDF on a Mac online and make any PDF smaller.