How to Share a PDF on an Android Device

Sharing information through text messages is not only convenient but also a useful method in most situations when you do not have access to Wi-Fi. A PDF document ensures optimal data accessibility on all operating systems and devices so that you don't require additional software to read and format content. Sending PDF via text is a better idea rather than mailing a physical piece to your intended recipient, which will save both time and money.

Our tools enable you to send PDF documents through text messages using your mobile devices. You can send files using Android devices with cross-platform compatibility. There is no need for any third-party software, as our online service enables you to send a PDF via SMS message for free.

Step-By-Step Guide to Send PDF Files via Text Message

Visit our home page or our PDF Tools page.

Access our PDF converter tool.

Upload your PDF file.

Download your compatible PDF using the 'Save' option or create your shareable link. You can even upload documents on Google Drive for link sharing.

Why Should You Use Our Service to Send PDF Files via Text Messages?

Texting PDFs through your one on one conversations is super easy using our tools. Our service is designed to convert your PDF and other documents into compatible files for seamless sharing. If you are a business owner, we offer customized solutions for your business texting needs which makes sending PDFs to your customers via text messages easier.

We've listed some remarkable benefits that our service provides, which enable you to use it effectively.

Make Any PDF Compatible For Your Mobile Devices

Our online tool makes your Portable Document Format compatible with any mobile device so that you share it using the text messaging app. You can even send a PDF file using an Apple device as a regular text message. You just have to download your PDF from our server and click on your Messages app icon to share your document. You can even share the link for your PDF directly from our web application.

Flexible Customization Options

Our platform allows you to customize any PDF according to your mobile sharing needs for flawless end results. You can add files to our merge tool to combine them, insert images, and include several elements in your PDF format while maintaining optimal quality. So head over to our user-friendly interface, and make your desired customizations without any processing lags.


How To Send Documents Using Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)?

You can share PDF files as a multimedia message using your Android device if a text message is causing compatibility issues. Some devices might automatically change any text message into any MMS if you attach a PDF to your text message. In order to share files, you simply have to open a new message box and add your recipient's phone number. Once you have done that, tap the paperclip icon to add attachments and hit 'Send' to text a PDF.

How To Open A PDF File On An Android Device?

If you have received a text message containing a PDF attachment, you just have to tap on it for instant accessibility. If your PDF isn't opening, you can simply download it to your file manager app and use our free PDF reader to access your document through your browser.

The Bottom Line

Putting it all together, you can send PDFs as text messages within a few seconds. You can even share files with large groups in your contacts list in one seamless action. You can conveniently send PDF via text so that your audience can access it, without any hassle.