Open and Read PDFs on an iPhone With a PDF Reader

Being an Apple user, you might have to access and read PDFs on your device with easy accessibility. If you have an iPhone or iPad, it can be difficult to edit PDFs and customize them, without any permission requirements. Good PDF readers are hard to find, so a useful PDF solution can be helpful, enabling you to have unrestricted access to your electronic documents.

Our remarkable tools enable you to access PDFs on any Apple device and prepare them according to your personalized requirements. There is no need to carry out software installations, as our platform can complete your desired customizations just through your Safari browser. Now you can easily get rid of expensive PDF solutions and access our toolkit, free of cost.

Steps To Open And Read PDFs On An iPhone

Go to our home page or our PDF Tools page.

Choose your relevant converter, like our Word to PDF converter.

Upload your document.

Our system will automatically convert it to a PDF.

Save your PDF file using the download option, and upload your file to Google Drive if you'd like to share it.

Why Open PDF Files On iPhone Using Our Platform?

Our tools ensure that your PDFs work smoothly on your Apple devices. You don't even need to rely on other apps, as our platform works effectively on any Apple device. Now you can easily view PDFs online on your favorite devices without going through loads of terms and conditions.

Convert Any PDF Instantly

Our tools enable you to convert PDF files into other formats without experiencing processing roadblocks. You just have to drag your PDF document into our converter, and your required file format will be saved to your MAC computer instantly.

Add Multiple PDFs to iBooks

Our online service enables you to edit and manage PDFs simply through your Safari browser. You can open the Apple Books app to save PDF files or even upload them to iCloud Drive for convenient accessibility. If your email attachments consist of PDFs, you can save them through the Mail app quickly. Our tools help you convert PDFs and save them into your desired format. Now you can also quickly save any PDF to iBooks for instant accessibility, while on the go.

Customize PDFs Flexibly

Our toolkit offers diverse customization options enabling you to make changes to your PDFs without any restrictions. You can copy text, include images, redact content, and explore other cool features to prepare any document with flawless final results.


Can I Save PDFs To The Files App On An iPhone or iPad?

You can save any PDF file to the Files app on your iPhone or iPad. If you have received PDF files through email, you can use the Mail app's PDF viewer to access and save them on your Apple device in one seamless action. You can also save PDF files to the Files app through your Safari app.

Can I Read PDF Documents Aloud On iPhone?

You can easily read PDFs aloud on an iPhone through the accessibility tab. You just have to choose the spoken content option and highlight your text in a PDF reader, so that your iPhone reads it aloud.

Final Thoughts

Our amazing tools enable you to open and read PDFs on an Apple device easily, without any waiting time. You don’t even need to download any PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, as our online service completes all your PDF-related tasks for free!

Additionally, our platform preserves the formatting of any PDF file so that you can view it on your iPhone with exceptional results. You can even use the select print option to save any PDF file to your desired format, without compromising on quality.

Lastly, our tools menu offers lots of options for your PDF files, so you can go through them as well, to get tailored solutions related to your digital documents.