PrintFriendly & PDF for

Now you can add the one-and-only PrintFriendly & PDF button to your website!

PrintFriendly makes your website look great when printed, and saves paper and ink. It cleans and optimizes web pages before printing, plus you can remove-images, change text-size, and save as PDF. It's free, and easy to add to Learn more about PrintFriendly & PDF.

These instructions are for, not to be confused with If you're using for self-hosted and hosted WordPress sites, you can get the PrintFriendly Plugin for

Step 1: Go to Sharing Settings

From Your Dashboard, click "Settings", then click "Sharing".

Step 2: Add a New Service

From the Sharing Settings, click "Add a new Service".

In the Popup Window, enter...

  • Service name: Print & PDF (Or your preferred name)
  • Sharing URL:
  • Icon URL:
  • Click "Create Share"

Step 3: Drag-and-Drop the PrintFriendly Button to "Enabled Services"

Left-Click (and hold) the new Print & PDF button. Drag to "Enabled Services", and release the mouse button. Don't forget to save!

That's it! You should see the Print & PDF button on the bottom of every post.