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1. Choose Site Type

2. Choose Button



3. Copy the Code

Copy-and-paste this code into your HTML where you would like the PrintFriendly & PDF button to appear.

3. Install on Blogger

For custom placement, add code directly to template.

3. Copy the Code

Instructions for New Blogger Design

  • Copy(Ctrl C) the PrintFriendly & PDF code from above.
  • Go to your Blogger Admin and select Template then Edit HTML

    Select Blogger Template then Edit HTML

  • Near the top, find the <head>
  • Paste PrintFriendly code directly below <head> and Save Template

    Select Blogger Template then Edit HTML

Instructions for Original Blogger Design

  • Copy the above PrintFriendly code and go to Blogger/Blogspot
  • Select Design, then Edit HTML, and check Expand Widget Templates.

    Blogger UI

  • Paste PrintFriendly code into Template, after the <head> tag, and Save Template.

2. Instructions

  1. Step 1: Go to Sharing Settings

    From the Dashboard, click "Settings", then click "Sharing".

  2. Step 2: Click Add a New Service

    In the popup window, enter...

    • Service name: Print & PDF
    • Sharing URL:
    • Icon URL:
    • Click "Create Share"

  3. Step 3: Drag and Drop Print Friendly Button to "Enabled Services"

    Left-Click (and hold) the new Print & PDF button. Drag to "Enabled Services", and release the mouse button. Don't forget to save!

  4. That's it! You should see Print & PDF button on the bottom of every post.

2. Use the plugin

Use our WordPress Plugin by following the installation instructions

By using the PrintFriendly Service, you agree to our Terms.