Announcing PrintFriendly v5

We've been on a mission to create a new version of PrintFriendly. Our goal was to defeat insidious browser bugs, punch through error-filled HTML pages, and unify our website/plugin technology.

We created v4, but ended up having to scrap it. Would v5 be any different? Would we end up back where we started?

Practice makes perfect. After months of hard work we had an important victory, launching v5 on

The fight is not over yet though. We still need to integrate the plugin/extension/button technology, which has some major challenges. However, my confidence is renewed!

Special thanks to PrintFriendly developers Dragan & Manu! Dragan Stankovic has been in the ring fighting to make v5 happen. He analyzed parsing algorithms, and eventually created a new one in a different language. Manu J is the veteran, he created the foundation and has been the coach.