Help us Translate PrintFriendly in Your Language

If you've been using PrintFriendly for a while, you already know that PrintFriendly can automatically translate to your language depending on the language settings of your web browser. However, we have a limited number of languages that our plugin has been translated into. And we'd like to make PrintFriendly available in more languages.

For this, we need your help. If you want to see if PrintFriendly is available in your language, simply go to the PrintFriendly plugin page and scroll down to Supported languages heading. If you are not seeing your language in there, you can help us add it!

To help us out, you will need to translate the following strings into your language and send it to us at

The strings that need to be translated are below:




"Remove Images"


"Text Size"

"Click to delete"


"Printing Your Page"

"Sending to your printer. re-send"

"Generating Your PDF"

"Download Your PDF"

"Email This Page"





"Your email message has been sent. You may close the page"

"Your Email Message Has Been Sent"

"Page Size"

"sent you an article"

"Read More"

"Print & PDF"

It is extremely recommended that you do not use Google Translator tool to translate these strings into your language. We want these words to sound realistic, and Google Translator can often be robotic and inaccurate. So we recommend that you only help us translate if you're a native or have really good grasp of the language you're translating to.

So, happy translating!