How to Compress Word Files Online

Many people hit a roadblock when assigned the task to compress word files. Web-based applications that provide services for compressing Word files are often not free or compromise the quality of your documents.

If you wish to compress your Word documents smoothly without worrying about data security, a few clicks on PrintFriendly is all that is required from your side. If you are in search of the right tool and wish to save time while compressing documents, our tools are designed with the goal to serve your requirements. PrintFriendly offers worthy tools that preserve the formatting and quality of your files while effortlessly reducing file sizes.

How to Compress Word Documents Online

Go to our home page or our PDF Tools page.

Select our Word to PDF converter to first convert your Word document to a PDF.

Download your new PDF and upload it to our Compress PDF tool.

Now, you can download and share your compressed document.

Why Do You Need To Compress Word Documents?

Compressing Word files is not as tough as it might seem to the majority of users. It just requires one to choose a reputable service that will compress Word documents without consuming considerable cost and time. Our online tools offer some specialized benefits tailored to meet the needs of users working with Word files. Some of them are listed below:

Optimizing Storage Space

Compressing Word documents can help in optimizing storage capacity. By reducing the Microsoft Word file size, compression can be a useful technique to conserve space on a user's desktop or mobile device.  Whether you need to optimize storage on your device or cloud storage, compression can be a perfect way to do so.

Customization Flexibility

Unlike most compression services available online, our tools offer several options enabling users to customize their compressed documents. You can compress Word documents, add watermarks, merge documents, add page numbers, and access multiple other options easily.

Our services are compatible with different devices and have served millions of users to date. After compressing, you can create a download link, and upload your files using Google Drive or Dropbox while ensuring the privacy of your precious data.

Compression Of Multiple Word Files

Compressing a Word document is a piece of cake, but when you have multiple files for compression, it will surely make you scratch your head, all perplexed. Our compression tools help you compress multiple documents with a few clicks without the involvement of any tedious procedures.

Conclusion Start Compressing Today

PrintFriendly is a useful resource that helps with seamless word file compressions by ensuring instant processing. You can download a zip file containing all your documents when compressing multiple Word documents through PrintFriendly. Our tool does a remarkable job by ensuring the quality of images and formatting of your files to ensure they remain as good as the original documents.

Our great tools enable quick transitioning of your documents with extensive facilities including compression, editing, and merging of files. Users who work with several files and want compression tools without any file size caps can upgrade to our premium plans to access the full options.

Using our services, we hope our tools will help users to compress Word documents according to their preferences easily.