How to Convert Apple Pages to PDF File on a Mac

The biggest problem with operating systems nowadays is that Windows and Apple just don't work well together. So, we'll be stuck when we have to share documents between a Mac and a Windows device! But because of this, there must be an easier way out. And we have that for you!

The best way to share other documents between different devices is to get our hands on a portable document format or a PDF file. There's no need to spend big bucks on Adobe Acrobat - you can use PrintFriendly to convert Pages to PDF in a matter of seconds.

When Should Pages Documents be Converted to PDF Files?

Like Microsoft Word documents, PDF files can be opened wherever needed, at any time. So, let's convert Pages files to PDF files. An exported PDF format is easy to share, and its accessibility tags allow it to be used on every operating system out there. So, whenever a Pages document needs to be shared or sent to another user, just convert it to PDF pages for simplicity! It saves everyone a lot of trouble, and it'll only take a couple of moments.

Steps to Convert Pages Document To PDF Format

Open your file in Pages.

Go to File; Export To; PDF

Save your file as a PDF. Now, you're able to Edit, Sign, and Compress your PDF. Just click a tool on our PDF Tools page to get started.

Why Use PrintFriendly to Convert Apple Pages to PDF Files?

Apart from being completely free, there are several reasons why PrintFriendly is the place to be when PDF documents need to be converted. Let's sneak a peek at some of those reasons:

Protect Pages Document Format

With our help, forget the need to create documents. Our tool will convert Pages to PDF directly, so there is no need to worry about losing out on the format. The image quality will be untouched, and there won't be any unnecessary watermarks left on the PDF online.

Prioritise Efficiency

At PrintFriendly, getting done with work as soon as possible is everyone's priority. Forget about any unwanted pop-up window or registration. We don't need any of that. Our web browsers will let users work without any distractions, and the PDF converter will be done with the work before you know it!

Overview of Our Website

All problems with PDF files can be solved with the help of our website. By searching through our file menu, the list of tools will show up, and they can be used on every device, even an iPhone or iPad. Converting Pages documents, trying to add tags, include signatures, or even rotating pages has never been easier. And once users visit us, they'll see exactly why!

Final Thoughts

Sharing documents from a Mac to a Windows or Android device has been one of the biggest intricacies that everyone has been facing for quite a while now. You can forget about opening a Pages file on any other device unless you own the Pages App. But not anymore! Converting Pages to PDF has always been the answer. So, head on over to our website and follow our simple step-by-step process to make Pages files more accessible.