How to Edit PDF with Google Docs — An Easier Way With PrintFriendly

Ten years ago, people preferred sharing files over USB sticks. Some even used floppy disks, a shocker in today's world! We can safely say it's a lot easier to share PDF files with the invention of cloud-storage platforms like Google Docs or Google Drive. Editing PDF files, however, isn't that simple!

Since this file format isn't as usable as an editable Word file is, you'll need to go through a simple process to edit PDFs. Luckily, Google Doc has a simple solution to solve this problem. It allows us to upload our PDF files and edit PDF in Google Documents directly without having to go through traditional editing tools like Adobe Acrobat. Here's our guide to how you can simplify PDF editing.

Steps Edit a PDF Document with Google Docs

#1 Upload the PDF File to Google Drive

Click New > File Upload > Upload PDF in Google Drive

#2 Open PDF in Google Docs and start editing the original PDF file

Right-click on the file > Open PDF in Google Docs

#3 Finish editing and download the converted PDF file

File > Download> PDF

Common Formatting Issues

This is where you probably realize a common issue with editing PDFs in Google Docs. Certain editing functions may end up messing up the original formatting on Google Docs, which can be tedious to fix. Losing formatting is unfortunate and may take up a lot of time, but there is no clear workaround if you want to continue editing on Google.

However, there is a solution to help you maintain the original formatting. Unlike Google Docs, our platform lets you edit PDF files without any changes to your original document. Our professional PDF editor lets you easily edit any PDF file, and it works with several file formats. But more on that later! Let us guide you on how you can use our tools to edit your files instead!

Steps to Edit PDFs on PrintFriendly

#1 Head over to our home page — We have a ton of tools.

#2 Select the PDF editors from the drop-down menu.

#3 Edit PDF documents in just a few clicks!

#4 Download the PDF or share it directly to Google Drive.

An Overview of PrintFriendly

Our website is one of the best online resources you can access. Even when you're dealing with images, our tool ensures the image quality is exactly the same as the original PDF. It only requires an internet connection and is much better than using Google Docs file editors. But that's not all!

Maintain Formatting

One of the biggest worries we keep hearing about online tools is that they cannot maintain the same formatting. Fortunately, that's a problem you can forget about with PrintFriendly. Our converter is so good that you won't be able to tell the difference between the original file and the converted one! It's just that good. It's even better than Microsoft Word; you can feel the difference.

Large Variety of Tools

We are pleased to say we have a large variety of them, too, aside from them being highly capable at getting the job done! From Optical Character Recognition to converters, we've got you sorted in that department. Speaking of our OCR tool, it's best when your documents are only available in paper form. Take scanned copies of your document and run it through this tool.

The Bottom Line

Don't worry about editing PDF files anymore since we have you covered. With PrintFriendly, you need not worry about any formatting problems; our tools are just that good. Next time you find yourself with a Google Docs format, edit a PDF with us instead!