How to Resize a PDF Image

While working in a professional environment, you might have to modify the size of your PDF documents for various purposes. Possibly to print pages, adjust page size according to client requirements, or resize your PDF for official use. Whatever motive you might have to resize file pages, a reliable PDF solution can address all your needs easily.

Our tools enable you to resize PDF files online without any processing roadblocks. You can reduce file size effortlessly and create the perfect document according to your preferences. Now you can quickly edit all file types without relying on heavy softwares and costly PDF solution providers by using our free tools.

Steps to Resize Images in PDF Files

Visit our home page or our PDF Tools page.

Select our PDF editor.

Upload your PDF file.

Choose the Resize PDF tool.

Click on the 'Save As' option.

Why Should You Use Our Resize PDF Tool?

Resizing a PDF without using paid services such as Adobe Acrobat might seem like a challenging task, but we've got you covered. Our tools enable you to resize a PDF document without fulfilling any sign-up requirements. You can easily access our services using a MAC, a Windows computer, or any other device.

Resize PDFs Flexibly

Our PDF optimizer tools enable you to change PDF document sizes according to your preferences by using any web browser. You don't even have to format your file contents repeatedly, as our service can adjust the page size of any PDF with effective results. You can easily adjust the dimensions, such as the width of your PDF pages, before you print them on paper to ensure high-quality results.

Additionally, you can preview the final results before you download any file, allowing you to resize a PDF even more precisely. Now you can conveniently reduce the file size of your documents, which enables you to save up cloud storage service costs and space for important files on your local device.

Extensive Range Of Customization Options

Our online service offers many flexible customization options enabling you to convert and customize digital documents while ensuring remarkable results. You can change the aspect ratio of your images to fit your PDF size, merge files, and explore other useful features through our detailed menu without any additional charges.

Whether you need a letter size or a legal size document, our platform can make your desired adjustments within minutes. You can even create a shareable link for any particular PDF so that multiple people can access it through cloud services.


What Happens To My Original File When I Resize A PDF Using PrintFriendly?

Your original file is saved on our server until you download your PDF file according to your size requirements. We don't make any changes to your original PDF, as a new file is created with your preferred size customizations, while retaining the format of your original document.

Does Resizing PDF Files Affect Their Formatting?

Our platform enables you to create new files by adjusting the specific pages however you like. We even preserve the original formatting so that you can add images and other interesting elements to your documents facing formatting inconsistency issues.  

Final Thoughts

Our incredible tools enable you to resize any PDF online without compromising the original quality of your documents. You don’t require a dedicated software when resizing PDFs, which enables you to edit and share files quickly.

Moreover, you can explore a lot more options than just resizing a PDF document when using our services. You can edit images without quality losses, convert multiple file formats, and benefit from all the options available for our user base. You can even try out the paid version of our services to resize PDFs quickly without any file size caps.

Lastly, we have a diverse variety of tools for your PDF documents, so you should check them out as well to customize your file pages conveniently.