How to Strikethrough Text in a PDF Document

Throughout the years, you've definitely seen teachers cut through your work. And that's exactly what striking through text means. Being able to strikethrough text in PDF has always been an option, but you'll struggle to use the tool unless you own Adobe Acrobat Reader or other fancy software. Don't worry, we've got a way out for you! And that is our free online tool, which will allow you to edit existing PDF files in a matter of seconds.

The tool is perfect for you if you've made mistakes or want to replace text in PDF without removing the original words. With our help, you can take adding comments on other people's work to a whole new level. So, just head on over to our website and get straight to work!

Steps for Using Our Strikethrough or Strikeout Text Feature in PDF Documents

Head over to our homepage or our PDF Tools page.

Pick the PDF Editor tool.

Upload the PDF file that need editing.

Once the PDF online viewer loads, you can highlight the PDF content that you want to strikethrough.

Once you're done editing, you can download your updated PDF document.

What is Strikethrough in PDF?

In layman's terms, it just means adding a horizontal line through PDF text. Using the strikethrough tool is a way to make your PDF document look a lot more engaging and fun to read. After all, everyone has some slip-ups, and sometimes, it's better to let the readers see that.

Can You Strikethrough Text on Paper?

Of course! You can easily cut through and underline text on paper and scan it through Adobe Scan or Adobe Reader. Our PDF tools come with a reader that can pinpoint where you have struck through words. So, when you upload the document, the scanned PDF file will implement the horizontal line on the text. If you plan on doing this, just remember: There's no going back!

Why Should You Strikethrough in PDF file?

We have always come across a piece of text that we want to scrap away. Using the strikethrough text tool is our most efficient and practical way to do that! With the help of our tool, we can strikethrough highlighted text to single out errors or sentences that need to be removed. It's all hassle-free!

With this, you can leave comments on other people's work, allowing users to view the original notes and format in case they want to make other changes. Additionally, you can also use the strikethrough icon to add a sense of irony and fun to selected text in PDFs.

Why Should You Use PrintFriendly?

Adding strikethrough text boxes is just one of the countless things you can do with PrintFriendly. With the help of our website, you can add images, create a comment, convert PDF files, and even annotate. All it takes is just a couple of moments!

When you move your mouse over the drop-down menu, you'll see a plethora of tools that are yours to use. And there are zero limitations! You won't come across any annoying pop-up downloads or sign-ups. Best of all, the website works exactly the same way on both Mac and Windows. Forget about bulky software like Adobe Acrobat, no one wants to pay for those. Just head over to our website and witness convenience!

Final Thoughts

Strikethrough in PDF has always been a helpful tool that allows users to mark and comment on text. It's a wonderful way to share your own ideas without ruining the original format. So, if you want to learn how to strikethrough text in a PDF file, just follow our simple step-by-step guide, and you'll be done in an instant!