Convert DOCX Files to PDF Files

If you want to convert Docx files to PDF files online, there aren't a lot of tools to help you out. Many online platforms require subscriptions, long sign-ups, or even tedious downloads that are just not worth your time. But there is a solution to your problem that eliminates all of these worries, and it is

PDF format is generally much more accessible than a Microsoft Word file, which is why we understand if you'd need to convert your Docx files. Skip the hassle. Use our platform to convert your files easily.

An Overview of PrintFriendly

PrintFriendly is one of the best online platforms for anything related to PDFs. You can merge, edit, convert, and split PDFs on our website. It's as simple as counting to three. Find your way to our website, click the tool you need, upload your file, and we do the rest. No downloads or sign-ups are required here, it's that easy.

Software like Adobe Acrobat is quite heavy on your wallet and takes up a lot of your storage space. You can skip that by opting to convert your files with PrintFriendly. Oh, and it's completely free.

Steps to Convert DOCX to PDF

Head to our home page or our PDF Tools page.

Select our Word to PDF tool.

Click on upload to select files to the conversion tool, it accepts multiple file formats.

Edit your document and convert your DOCX files.

Download and share the converted files. You can also upload them directly to Google Drive.

Why Convert DOCX to PDF on PrintFriendly

It has never been easier to convert your document to other formats. Users typically have to go through a long process to do simple editing, but this isn't a problem on PrintFriendly.

Easy to Use

PrintFriendly is incredibly easy to use since there are no sign-ups or downloads required, and if you don't have a stable internet connection, you can just try our desktop version. It's completely free too. Our platforms work on just about any operating system and any modern browser. After you let our PDF converter convert Docx to PDF, you can access related tools on our platform.

Improve Accessibility

If you want to share your file, you will need to ensure your file is accessible. A PDF file is more widely accepted as compared to a Docx file and will work on all operating systems. Opening a Docx file will require a program from Microsoft Office or Google, like Microsoft Word or Docs. PDF files open straight to your browser, and you don't need anything else.

Preserve File Format

Our tool ensures your file's formatting is not altered through the conversion process, unlike file conversion from our competitors. Moreover, our tool doesn't even alter the image quality. So, use PrintFriendly to convert Docx to PDF online so that you don't have to sacrifice the final quality of your documents.

Other Tools on PrintFriendly

Users love using PrintFriendly because of the number of tools we have on our platform. After obtaining a PDF convert Docx file, you can proceed to make other changes to your documents. Our website is extremely handy. We make converting images and merging files a lot simpler. Try out our tools on PrintFriendly and see for yourself.

Optical Character Recognition Tool

If you have scanned documents, you may run into a roadblock if you want to select the text in your Doc. There is, however, a simple solution to this problem on PrintFriendly. Our new tool allows you to convert scanned pages into a document with selectable text, allowing you to use it on various platforms. And don't worry, this tool preserves your file format too.

Excel to PDF Converter

Microsoft Office doesn't allow its users to convert Excel files to PDF directly, but our tool does. If you want to export important data, tables, or figures to a PDF file, try out our converter. It's pretty straightforward as well. Just upload the Excel file to the "Excel to PDF" online tool and click the convert button. Wait a few seconds, and viola! The converted files will have all the information you need in PDF format.

Merge PDF

If you want to merge PDF files online, there aren't many tools that do a good job. The solution is quite simple, and it's on our handy website. Select the 'Merge PDF' tool and upload your file. Sharing a collection of images has never been easier; merge them into a single PDF to make your documents more presentable.

Get Started!

If you want to convert your DocX files, you're at the right place. So, easily convert several files in one go, thanks to our website's batch processing capabilities. And don't worry about security; your files will get automatically deleted within a few hours of your usage.