How to Convert an Excel File to PDF

When you work on data, Microsoft Excel is typically the format you're working on. Your Excel Spreadsheet has a ton of information that you sometimes want to share or present to other individuals. Normally, you may face difficulty converting Excel spreadsheets to PDF files, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Enter our special PDF converter, which we also call the one-stop shop to obtain a PDF file format from an Excel workbook!

If you want to export Excel files into a PDF document, you should use our tool to convert files. It also works on large Excel sheets. We will walk you through how you can use our PDF converters to easily convert Excel files.

Steps to Convert Microsoft Excel Files

Head over to our home page or our PDF Tools page.

Open our Excel to PDF conversion tool.

Upload your Excel File.

Download your file as a PDF, and save it or share iwt with your colleagues.

An Overview of PrintFriendly to edit PDF File

Our website is one of the best free Excel to PDF converters. We pride ourselves in having one the easiest conversion processes among any other websites used to create PDFs! Our tool allows you to download and share your PDF file to Google Drive for free without any complex calculations, signups, or unnecessary software downloads! Don't worry about the final PDF file since it will look exactly like the original fine.

Adobe tools, including Adobe Acrobat, can be quite expensive. Instead, we suggest you opt for free PDF conversions. Editing a PDF format can be difficult, but it's simple when you have our tools by your side.

The Bottom Line — The Easiest Way to Convert Excel Files!

If you're ever stuck and can't convert an Excel document to PDF, you're at the right place. Head to our website and start editing documents!