How to Print Excel to PDF Format

Most analysts and people associated with number-crunching tasks have to work with Microsoft Excel for engaging data presentation. However, people feel a dead end when assigned the task of printing Excel to PDF without data disruption. PDf files are more accessible and offer convenient shareability, making them a feasible file format for the masses.

We will be your partner to help with conversions from Excel to PDF files within a matter of minutes. Our tools do not require downloading any large software or any dedicated operating system to transform a Microsoft Excel file into a PDF document. It's time to try our online PDF converter to transform your documents and preserve your data for the long term.

A Comprehensive Tutorial with Easy Steps for Converting Excel to PDF

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Select Excel to PDF converter.

Choose the Excel document you want to convert and upload it.

Download & Share Files - You can upload to Google Drive or Dropbox; you can even get a download URL.

Why Convert Excel to PDF Using PrintFriendly?

Converting Excel files to PDF shouldn't be as tricky as it sounds to many users. If you have a short time for making file transformations, our conversion tools, such as Excel to PDF converter, can generate a PDF file in a heartbeat. We are a reliable solution for all your file conversion needs. Our service offers various benefits - some of which are described below.

Preserve Document Formatting and Quality

By converting Excel files into PDF documents, users can preserve the quality of vector graphics and data formatting to ensure optimal data presentation. You might want to present your data analysis in an office meeting to engage the audience. However, sharing the Excel file in the same format might distort the formatting as compared to your screen. Converting your file into a PDF document can help avoid this complex situation.

Enhanced Shareability

PDF files are easier to share as they do not distort the formatting of your documents. Our online converter transforms your Excel spreadsheets into PDF pages enhancing file shareability. You can easily share your documents through email or other file-sharing platforms without dealing with file size restrictions.

Optimizing Storage

During the PDF conversion process, we implement the file compression feature to optimize the file size of your documents to help conserve storage space. Say goodbye to frequent purchases of cloud storage or upgrading the storage of your local computer; we are here to help you make optimal use of the available storage.

Platform Neutrality

Our website offers tools that are designed with platform neutrality to work on all operating systems. Whether you are a Mac OS user or a Windows fan, our tools enable you to convert files into PDF documents easily.

Flexible Customization

Our services include customization flexibility related to your documents according to specified requirements. All you need to do is save Excel files and use our tools to convert them into PDF documents.

No Software Installation

Our online tools do not require any software installation for PDF conversions making the process quicker. You just need a few minutes to initiate the file conversion process. You can easily the XLSX file you want to convert into a PDF online without any restrictions. Using our tools, anything you generate using Excel can be converted into a PDF. Our services work effectively for older versions of Excel, including the ones from the early 2000s, such as the XLS format.

Combine Multiple Files

Our website enables users to merge files when converting separate Excel spreadsheets into PDF files. Our conversion tools help you convert multiple documents within a short time. If you want to preserve your numeric data, try our services for free Excel to PDF conversions.

Transforming Files Made Easier

Our tools help users easily convert Excel documents into a widely used file format and preserve the quality of vector graphics. Our Excel to PDF Converter is a dedicated online tool that offers a one-stop solution for your documents. It’s time to convert your documents without incurring extra costs.

Moreover, we do not require any account creation for converting your files into desirable formats. All you require is a device with stable internet connectivity to facilitate file downloads. It's time to entice your audience through better data presentation by converting Excel spreadsheets into PDF pages.

Lastly, our website consists of tons of tools to serve all your requirement related to file conversions and document improvements. If you want to initiate multiple conversions instantly without any file size caps, you should check out our premium packages to generate favourable results.